Dear Andrew,

I bought this domain to send you a personal message because I thought it would get your attention… just like I bet you would like to get more attention (and sales) from BoxWard’s AppSumo promotion.

I’ll be glad to transfer ownership of the domain name to you, by the way. Just let me know you’d like it and we can arrange for an easy transfer.

But the reason I’m writing to you today is this: 

I am a Direct Marketing Strategist and SaaS copywriter. Most recently, I orchestrated and implemented a $125,000 five-day launch for (the largest eBook creation company in the world.) It was just one of eight campaigns I’ve put together for the company over the past 9 months. 

Overall, these promotions have made Designrr $1M in EXTRA revenue… with ZERO expenses (except for my service fees.) I’ve also worked with several other seven- and eight-figure SaaS companies including Viddyoze, TruConversion, Vumu, RederForest, Picsart Doodly and others.

In fact, two campaigns I put together for TruConversion in 2022, put the app in the Top 20 AppSumo bestsellers of all time.

I’d like to do something quick for you so you can generate some new revenue and see if we like each others’ styles. Here’s what I had in mind: 

I call this “AppSumo Final Call Campaign”. This is a short, email campaign that routinely doubles and triples my clients’ profits from AppSumo launches. 

The way it works is this:

  1. 1
    You send this campaign it to BoxWard’s new users generated through AppSumo promo
  2. 2
    You send it 24-48 hours after its AppSumo promo is over.
  3. 3
    For a limited time, you give these new users the opportunity to sign up to BoxWard’s highest plan on your own site.

This campaign doubled TruConversion’s profits from their AppSumo promotion… in 3 days. For Vumu this campaign made an extra $41 per new user. It didn’t cost them anything more than the additional promotion. 

I’ve done the same thing with other AppSumo products.

If you’d like to double (potentially - triple, and even quadruple) your profits from BoxWard’s AppSumo launch... let’s hop on a quick call to discuss this.

I can walk you through the whole idea in less than 15 minutes.

And, at the same time, get the ball rolling to return the domain name to its rightful owner. 🙂

You can pick the time that's most convenient for you here:

Or simply reply to my email and let me know your preferred time and I'll send you a zoom invite. 


Ari Nirsisian